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Friday, March 2, 2012

Update: "The Gospel" return to "The Glow"...Pre Press Release

Here we are...
The songwriters, lovers, healers and dreamers, 
Simon and Nakia Black, have reformed as....'The Glow' 
This was a passionate and dynamic Rock n Roll project, 

performed with a handful of remarkable musicians, 
in New York City, where the 7" single 
"Anthem no. 1", 
was released on vinyl in  The Netherlands, 
by an Indie Label run by amazing people, 
Fistful of Records.

On our upcoming press release...
to include raw performance footage, 

inside info, our take on life and the universe,
and the reason behind changing the name back to... 

"The Glow", 
there will be other reviews, past and present. 
If you are curious now you can google "The Glow, Anthem no. 1".
For now, this is what the lovely people in Amsterdam wrote about us:

"Always wondered what the new breed of cosmic children sounds like?
The Glow - consisting of Simon and Nakia Black from Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC- give you a glimpse. The Glow mould influences like The Seeds, Arthur Lee’s Love, and Buffallo Springfield into a hectic 21st century mix of weird, trippy garage / rocknroll, which makes them really something else. It’s like Nick Lowe sang in that defiant late 70’s no-punk anthem: ‘What’s so funny about love, peace and understanding ???’"


PS. If you are really interested there are some secret tracks from long ago we still may play at:
The Glow 2012 Myspace Page 

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